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A Good Start

All in all, I'd say a pretty decent start.

As we expected, the Bruins were simply too strong for a hapless (but spirited) Stanford squad.

The Southpaw Jesus returns to form, passing for a career high 5 TDs:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

And the Bruins come through with an expected blowout of Stanford. Kahlil Bell was the other star of the day piling up 190 rushing yards, while Joe Cowan had a sweet return with two scores.

Here is the AP recap. Of course, we will have a lot more on the first game in the next 48 hours. To sum up how I feel right now, I was encouraged by what I saw on offense (and then I remembered last year's season opener). The Bruins still have a lot of cleaning up to do. Especially our defensive backfield, who have been talking a big game the last few games, but gave up more than 300 yards to a medicore passing team. Not good.

But, all in all, I will take this game. I like the fact that our team got stronger in the second half and wore Stanford down.

As mentioned above, we will be talking about this game for next couple of days, and then pivot and look forward to an (expected) beatdown of BYU.

This is your Saturday night post game thread.