My Quick Read on the Game

There are certainly positives to be taken from this game, but just as certainly some negatives and question marks to be addressed.

(1)  O-line blocking -- one missed block eld to a BO sack.  Otherwise, they stretched to the outside, they opened holes inside, and did their job.  BRAVO.

(2)  WR Blocking -- Nothing like seeing Breazell (a buck seventy soaking wet) blazing trails for Cowan on a couple of long gains.  Nice.

(3)  Bell running, rolling, and bowling -- as in bowling people OVER.  Well done.  Game ball to the  bull of the backfield.

(4)  Man coverage by DBs -- when the 5-9 Trey Brown is getting in the head, jersey, and jock of a 6 foot 7 WR, I am PLEASED.

(5)  Deep passes by BO -- SPJ is like a MLB pitcher.  When he can wind up, he throws strikes.

(6)  Adjustments and YAC by Cowan and Breazell -- Gotta love experience on the goal line.

(7)  The return of FADE PATTERNS?!? -- Halle-freaking-lujah.

(8)  Ramirez in garbage time -- Tall and lanky for a TB, but kid can glide.

(9)  Inside slants and slipscreen plays -- OMG, did we even SEE those last year?  And we got at least THREE today?  WOW.  Hope we keep mixing it up.

(10)  Some signs of halftime adjustments? -- Increased middle pressure by DL and LBs in 3rd qtr, plus more sweep runs to let Markey build some momentum.

(11)  Coverage on special teams -- other than the one penalty, solid work by our gunners.

(12)  SIX HUNDRED PLUS YARDS OF OFFENSE??? Welcome to a UCLA September again... will definitely admit that Norvell brought some improved playcalling and adjustments (after our 1st drive, see below).


(1)  Lack of interior pass rush -- the fact that Ostrander had the TIME to throw 59 passes, and only get sacked 4 times, concerns me.  If we got more pressure on him, he wouldn't have WANTED to throw that many.

(2)  Tentative playcalling after 1st TO -- WTF was that?  2 runs up the middle, and a high and hyped pass?  Geez...

(3)  BO's poor accuracy on 3-steps and wideouts -- Right men, wrong throws.  I hate to ask, but at times I wondering if SPJ was little more than a caffeine and Corona-free Cory Paus, with all gun and no short-range touch.  the 3rd quarter changed that perception, of course.

(4)  Missed tackling by secondary -- the next time Dennis Keyes blows an open-field tackle will someone please grab him by the jersey and SHAKE HIM VIGOROUSLY.  The fact that Horton got juked in open-field hurts, too.

(5)  Untimely penalties -- personal foul and PI that kept the Furd's TD drive alive in the 1st half.  UGH.

(6)  Markey's poor outside running -- by the 4th quarter, he was getting stopped in the backfield on sweeps.  It worries me that he accelerates like my uncle's old Hyundai Excel.


-- His short, quick passes were off a LOT, while his slower dropbacks worked far more effectively.

(2a)  Was it poor execution, OR the 90-degree stadium heat/ 100-degree field heat that led the D to miss tackles and give less push in the 2nd and 4th quarters?  

(2b)  How much of our D's problems was heat and fatigue, or simply the fact that Ostrander threw FIFTY-NINE PASSES (going only 27 for 59)?  Geez, you'd think Ostrander's arm would have fallen off by the 4th.

(3)  Can Kai Forbath shake off the misses?  With no misses, we win 51-17.

GOOD game, but improvement still needed.


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