Donahue is a Shameless Lying Self Promoting Liar

Look I will do everyting I can to stike a unifying theme on opening Saturday. But I have zero tolerance for lying scumbag, which is how I would describe a mediocre head coach like Donahue after reading this pile of crap in the LA Times today:

"Frankly, you've got to recruit your players," Donahue said. "I was able to do that, Toledo wasn't. That's the bottom line. We were able to get good players, Bob didn't have a lot of good players." Uh yeah. Sure Terry. Never mind the fact more than 25 of Toledo recruited players are still playing in the NFL, and never mind the fact that Toledo put together all those top-10 recruiting classes. Look I am not going to defend Toledo's ability to manage a program. He deserved to get fired. But it is just absolutely the height of intellectual dishonesty for Donahue to prop himself up (and make excuses for Dorrell) by saying Toledo didn't leave him talent given all the kids that are playing in the NFL, all the top recruiting classes he put together, and also the fact that how Donahue didn't leave much talent behind when he jumped from UCLA.

Donahue is a fucking joke, a cancer who should not be allowed near UCLA football program. He just reeks of mediocrity and the faster we get him away from the program, the faster we will be able to get rid of mediocre mentality that has infested our football program since Dick Vermeil left UCLA.

What a deplorable, shameless, lying piece of sh!t scumbag this guy is.


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