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The "Show Me" Season: Stanford Open Thread

Well, not much else to say. We have yacked for months and months, and in less than three hours we will get to see the first act of 2007: The "Show Me" Season for Karl Dorrell.

The mission is simple. It's time for our boys to blow Stanford out of their little Farm. Time for these babies to shine in the hot Palo Alto sun:

Photo Credit: Ruth L (flickr)

Kickoff (for those who have been living under a rock) is at 12:30 PST. Apparently, before the game there is a special show featuring Dorrell entitled, I am not joking, "In My Own Words" [Insert Punch Lines Here].

If you are actually at the Farm tailgating after with the rest of the army of blue and gold, make sure to keep yourself hydrated in a hot Nor Cal afternoon.

If you are logging on without any TV coverage, here is the link to click to keep track of the game. Otherwise, this is the place to cheer, despair, rant, mock, shout, and celebrate your Bruin moments with rest of your virtual Bruin family.

As for me, I am hitting the bars. Have at it. Fire away. The thread is all yours.