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The Thinker Strikes Again

How in the world did we all missed this? I went over some of my notes this am and ran into this gem from the Thinker on our offense line’s play against BYU (emphasis mine):

"A couple misreads by the backs. (BYU) had a good game plan against us. They must have caught some tendencies on what we were doing, and gambled on making some of those plays."
Uh … so the Thinker is surprised by the fact that the Cougars caught on to what his offense doing? Are you kidding me?

Does Dorrell really have that much contempt for the intelligence of UCLA beat writers and alums, students, and fans who read them?

Dorrell is surprised that his opponent can predict his sh!tty offense?

Geez Karl. Yeah, I am sure those running plays in the second half were not telegraphed. I am sure no one, no one in the stadium, or watching game on television, saw runs coming when you put in your jumbo package in short yardage situations.

Seriously, can anyone here tell me what goes through this guy's mind when he utters this kind of BS? Not only does he come across as a total and complete moron, he comes across as a disingenuous idiot.