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The "Nuclear" Moment

For our friends at Maize n Brew it came against Appalachian St. And for the folks at Burnt Orange Nation it came against UCLA 10 years ago.

It was 10 years ago today when we all experienced this.:

I am sure you all remember that game. While that game effectively sealed the fate of John Mackovic then Texas head coach (just like Appalachian St may have done for Lloyd Carr) it signaled the official arrival of number 18 as the greatest quarterback in the history of Bruin football.

It also was the beginning of an incredible 20 game winning streak serving up yet another example of why UCLA is just more than a basketball school.

It was an emphatic statement that laid the foundation of a championship team (tying for the conference lead in 97 before winning it outright in 98). With more than two games into KD's fifth season we are still waiting for that kind of emphatic statement. No a blowout win over Utah is not going to cut it (Utes will never be mistaken for the Longhorns). It will have to come against a team with credible program/tradition (I am thinking the Washington game at the Rose Bowl). However, an unthinkable loss at SLC might end up as the nuclear moment that will undo KD's mediocre reign in Westwood just like 66-3 did to Mackovic or Appalachian St may end up doing to Carr.

Anyways 10 years ago today I was at a law library in Boston checking the scores on ESPNzone (since the game was not available even at the sports bars) and not believing my eyes as I kept hitting the refresh button again and again.

Where were you during Route 66?