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Dorrell's WCO: Still A Joke

Let’s shift back to Dorrell’s "WCO" which is getting some attention in the LA Times today. And, from the reports, it sound just about what we expected. Our players, even while talking in public, can’t seem to hide that they don’t what they are talking about, while others are reiterating that the WCO offense doesn’t really work in college.

Foster has two reports today. The first one exclusively focuses on the WCO, based upon interviews with the current UCLA QB and a former one we all know too well. The current UCLA QB doesn’t know how to describe WCO (emphasis added throughout):

The Bruins' version of the West Coast offense.

"I probably don't know how to describe it," Olson said. "It's just a very complex offense, something you have to understand everything you have to do. The multiplicity of it has so many different things you can do, and there are so many different formations. And you have to make a decision rapidly.

"You have to worry about your guys first. You have to be confident with what they're doing. Then you got to worry about the guys in front of you [on defense] and what they're doing. It's something that to be good at you have to understand every little step, one principle built upon each other."

OK, but in the time it took for Olson to paint that picture, a delay of game penalty would have been called.
Meanwhile, a former UCLA QB we all know doesn’t believe "high-end" WCO can work on the college level:
Neuheisel, who was a college head coach at Washington and Colorado, doesn't believe any high-end West Coast offense can work on the college level.

"The West Coast offense doesn't feature a guy," Neuheisel said. "Basically, the premise is you're going to get five [players] out as much as you can, and the defense is going to tell you who you're going to throw to. There's an answer, regardless.

"In college, you've got feature players and you want to feature them. You don't necessarily want to spread the ball."

Neuheisel also pointed out, "People in college don't trust their protection with only five guys blocking. . . . You're putting a lot of pressure on the line that in college is almost always inexperienced. There aren't many offensive line coaches in college that are going to sit there and tell you, 'I can block those guys with these five.' "
I think we can safely assume that Neuhisel is talking about Dorrell’s WCO, which we can consider as a "high end" WCO considering since it clearly not a simplified version of WCO. In other words he is clowning Dorrell's joke of an offense. I am not sure if I have ever heard from any reputable and successful college coach, player, observe, who thinks Dorrell’s WCO will have any long term success.

Meanwhile as Olson cannot come up with a coherent explanation of Dorrell’s WCO, his OL doesn’t have any coherent explanation what it is either:
"We got to play UCLA football.

"Make the right read, focus, hit the right linebackers, play smash-mouth football, hit people in the face."

A smash-mouth West Coast offense?

"What is the West Coast offense?" Tevaga said.

"I've heard that all my life. I think West Coast is run the ball, pass the ball. It's as simple as that."
And you wonder why this offense is still a laughing stock in LA. Not just in LA, Dorrell is being clowned by football fans across the country. From Block U who recently scored an "interview" with our Governor!:
Block U: Ok then, what do you think of Coach Dorrell? He's been on the hot seat lately.

AS: Loser! Dis guy can't coach his way way out of paper bag.
Based on what we have seen on the field last four years not sure if I can disagree with our Governator (and I never agree with him).