I was wrong

Being an optomist by nature, I would often view the UCLA football program as half full, and ignore the deficiencies I saw. Although I knew KD was not a good coach, and knew the WCO could never succeed in college, I would hope that KD would somehow find coordinators who would be able to do something, that his good character would somehow find a way to get it done.

Regardless of how we do in this Utah game (and it is not looking good) it is undeniable to anyone who knows football that KD, in his fifth year, is still not a competent coach. He still doesn not have his players prepared. He has a QB who is not accurate and doesn't make good decisions. He runs an offense that is not productive. He does not feature his best players. He does not adjust his offensive schemes to the strengths of his players.

In this game, the use of Markey instead of Bell, the total incompetency of Olson, getting faked on a fake field goal on 4th and 2 on the 30 AFTER A TIMEOUT!!!! is totally inexcusable, as is the flat play of the team, the excessive penalties, and the overall lack of enthusiasm.

He is Steve Lavin with a conscience.  There is no way KD will meet the requirements we have set for him. He must not coach beyond the 2007 season.

KD must go.

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