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How Many More Saturdays?

Earlier in the week we commemorated the 10 year anniversary of Route 66. I wrote how it served as the nuclear moment for a Texas football program which had enough of John Mackovic. I also wrote if somehow someway we lost this weekend, it should serve as the "nuclear moment" of current coaching regime at UCLA.

Now it has happened. We have officially experienced the nuclear moment of Karl Dorrell's worthless tenure at UCLA.

I don't think there is any doubt as bad as the losses against Fresno State, Wyoming, Arizona (05), 19-66, Washington, Notre Dame, and Florida State, this is the WORST LOSS in the history of Dorrell era and possibly one of the WORST FIVE LOSESS in the history of UCLA football.

Seriously though?

Are any of us who have been around this Nation really all that surprised?

How many more Saturdays do I have to feel sick in my stomach every time I watch a UCLA football game?

How many more Saturdays do I have to watch our opponent's football team look like the one that is always more inspired, fired up, and focused when taking on my alma mater's program?

Just how many more Saturdays we are going to have to put up with a total CLOWN making a mockery out of our beloved football program?

How many more Saturdays will Dan Guerrerro allow this worthless CLOWN to sully the proud tradition of our alma mater's football program as the laughing stock of college football.

One silver lining to the latest Dorrellian special: we didn't have to wait till the end of the season (like we did in 2005) to be humiliated and exposed as a worthless paper tiger.

Let me see if I can be fair. I will try to write this with a straight face and with out ROFL: UCLA can still win the Pac-10, which will be the only accomplishment at this point that may justify the CLOWN's return as the UCLA head coach. I use the word "may" because even if we somehow pull that miracle off, the bitter taste of tonight's game will not go away.

But we can all kind of see the writing on the wall. Can't we?

The question is just how many more Saturdays do we have to go through and sign this same sad and pathetic song?

Around here, most of us knew Dorrell is nothing short of the Steve Lavin of college football. Only question remains is whether he is a "Steve Lavin with conscience"?

If the answer is yes, he would resign tomorrow.

If Dorrell has any sense of dignity and self respect left he would resign and let this charade end this week.


PS: DeWayne Walker is a farce. He is an overhyped clown. So stop the nonsense of him taking over as an interim coach before you think about typing it. The entire KD staff is a sick charade.