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This may be a pointless exercise from here on out, but we will stick with it because we must be relentless until the outcome (Dorrell is fired) is secure.  For those who are new to DD or are coming back after a hiatus, we have been using Dan Guerrero's own words to assess Dorrell's performance during the season.  Here is what Guerrero said he expects this season:

"The important thing this year," Guerrero said, "is that we don't beat ourselves, that we play with consistency, that we're an excellent second half team and that we improve as the year progresses."

As we posted last week and will continue to do throughout the season, here is our assessment of Karl Dorrell's performance yesterday against Utah with Guerrero's clear points of analysis in mind (obviously this won't be surprising): 
  2. We don't beat ourselves.  Grade: F.  5 Turnovers, 10 penalties, 5 sacks, unprepared, unfocused, outschemed, outcoached, outgamed.  Self-mutilation.  
  4. Play with consistency.  Grade F. There was consistency today. We are sure Dan Guerrero did not have this type of consistency in mind when he spoke about needing it. There was only 1 drive and play that looked good ... the long pass to Marcus Everett in the 3rd quarter that could have made a 17-6 game closer.  But the fumble touchback killed any hope that was left at that point. We played consistently and thoroughly badly throughout the game so the obvious grade is an F here. 
  6. Excellent 2nd half team.  Grade F -.  We are breaking convention and assigning the minus grade here to Dorrell.  What the heck did he say during halftime to bring our senior-heavy experience-rich team down??!! What de-motivational speech did he give???  Outscored 30-0 in the second half by an 0-2 MWC team reeling from key player losses, playing with the backup QB is a break in convention that deserves the F-.
  8. Improve as year progresses. Grade F-. While we are using it ... F- again.  Our #11 ranking we knew was a joke (look at our BlogPoll ballot).  Dorrell has never EARNED anything but that SuC win. That is it.  The rest of his victories any one of us could have gotten using sheer talent alone.  He was OUTCOACHED period!!  What team, what coach, is going to lose to Dorrell now??  All the game film out there this year already, even our Stanford win, amounts to about as easy a recipe as there is in college football to beat a BCS conference team.  What coach loses sleep when he has to meet Karl Dorrell for their next game?? 
Fire away with your thoughts ...

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