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One of the so called trump cards Dorrell cultists (I think loyalist would be too kind of a word for any clown out there who is still supporting this doofus) have used in defense of their loser head coach is the "character" of our football team.

I have read endless posts after posts from these cultists about how Dorrell's team never implode or quit like Toledo's pathetic bunch in his later years. Well here is the money graf in Dohn's article today:

"They were kind of whining and complaining, crying," Mack said of an early fourth-quarter drive. "We went out there and just kept driving the ball. We were driving all over them. That's when I knew we had them. They were fighting with each other.
Oh and remember all that BS about "focus"? Well let's see how that worked out:
"We got in their heads - they started talking to us. They lost their focus. They lost their focus, and that's what happens."
And about all the nonsense about how tough Dorrell's team (don't lol lot of Dorrell cultists have made this point over the years) are:
"We would line up, and they would come off the ball and hit you, and you could tell how soft they were," Utah redshirt freshman defensive end Paul Kruger said. "They're a great team, don't get me wrong. But after that first drive (when) we stopped them, we knew that they were definitely beatable and we could control them all day long."
This team quit on its head coach. It showed zero character, toughness or will to fight, which was a direct reflection of their listless, uninspiring, cowardly in name only head coach.

Speaking of the clueless clown here is what the doofus had to say:
"We're going to have to watch the tape (today) and make a better assessment as to where we're at as an offense, and as a football team," Dorrell said. "Right now it's a bad loss, it's an embarrassing loss."
Yeah he need to watch the *&^ing film to analyze what went wrong.

BTW how bad was this loss? From Perelman in What's Bruin (emphasis mine):
How bad a loss was this? Well, the 38-point margin of loss was surpassed by the 47-point defeat to USC in 2005 (66-19) and equaled in the 52-14 loss to Arizona that same season. The last loss of this style, by 38 or more to an unranked non-conference opponent, however, came a long time ago: 0-39 at Syracuse in 1964 under coach Bill Barnes, in his last season at the helm of the Bruin football team. He was replaced by Tommy Prothro the following season.
In other words the loss pretty much solifies the Thinker's status as the worst coach in the history of UCLA football.

I am sure we are going to hear a lot of BS about moving on, and how they have to get ready for the next game, but this loss is not going away. It will stick with this program as long as we have the Cowardly Thinker leading this joke of a football program.