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Liars or Con Artists

DeWayne Walker before the Utah game (emphasis added throughout):

But with Harwell suffering a tear in the medial collateral ligament in his left knee, the Bruins will go into Saturday planning to use only four tackles against Utah - despite the fact it is expected to be in the 80s at game time and Salt Lake City is 4,350 feet above sea level.

`'I told them today, when you're trying to win a championship, you can't cry over spilled milk, you have to go,'' defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said.

`'It's going to be a mental thing for us, to be honest with you.''
And he also said about it was all going to be fine (from the same link):
`'I know (defensive line coach Todd Howard) will try to play Kevin and Ward as much as possible, but they're going to need a blow. We have a lot of confidence in Moline and we have a lot of confidence in Jerzy, so I think we'll be fine,'' Walker said.
Well we all saw how that turned out. Here is our overpaid, over hyped, defensive doofus after the most shameful loss in UCLA's football history:
"We knew coming in there was going to be misdirection, trick plays. We knew that they were going to give us everything. It's just too bad we couldn't sustain it. The thing I'm most disappointed in is we have to be able to answer the bell all the time, and we didn't do that.''
And guess whose fault is that you &*^%&^$?  To be honest with you - you sound nothing short of on over hyped, overpriced poser.

I am not going to even deal with the training parrot posing as the "offensive coordinator." I will just turn to the guy in "command" aka the Thinker of the Pac-10. Here was Dorrell before the BYU game:
"This is a good week to get better."
And then after the BYU game:
The Bruins couldn't pass much, couldn't run much, couldn't sustain a whole lot of anything.

"It wasn't our best performance offensively," said UCLA coach Karl Dorrell. "We can do a lot better on every aspect.

"There were a lot of things we left on the field that we need to get corrected. Our offense is still evolving into the offense that we're hoping it will be."
So with all that you'd think Dorrell would make sure his players were focused in a tough, hard nosed practice sessions leading up to Utah game? Right? From Dohn:
It is about Davis sensing a letdown during the week of practice.
"That's my fault, and as the leader of this team, I should have addressed the problem in a different, or better way than I did,'' Davis said. "I have to take blame for that.''
So right after an uninspiring Saturday against BYU it turns out that UCLA had a "letdown" during practice and we have our players lamenting they didn't step up and address the issue. Are you kidding me?

WTF then is the Thinker doing with his (almost) one million dollar per year salary? Let's go over the checklist:
  • He can't coach defense;
  • He apparently can't even coach his offense despite being a "WCO guru";
  • He can't really put together effective practices;
  • He can't really recruit, he has to bring in a criminal with no college coaching experience to recruit for him;
  • He can't really take care of bureaucratic details (the ongoing cluster**** being the latest example) either;
  • He doesn't have basic command over the English language;
  • He can remember people's Birthdays!
There is not much else to say about this clown and his overpaid joker assistants. At this point of time we just cannot take these clowns seriously. These people are either bold faced liars or seasoned con artists who are ripping UCLA of millions of dollars.

Again if these clowns had any sense of dignity and integrity they would submit their mass resignations these week instead of passing the buck and making weak, pathetic shameful excuses.

It is just a shame that we have good decent kids who will have to waste their talents and commitment to UCLA because of incompetent and what now looks like dishonest and insincere leadership from their coaching staff.