DumpDorrell ESPN Interview & The Mason Plan

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One of our editors just got off the air with Mason & Ireland on ESPN radio 710.  It was a good show ... John Ireland "ate crow" as a result of our last appearance on his show after the SuC game when Mason and Ireland said we should shut down our site. Now Ireland admits that he is firmly on the DumpDorrell side.  Mason put to our editor an interesting question, one he dubbed The Mason Plan. The Mason Plan is this: Dan Guerrero fires Karl Dorrell today(!) and makes DC DeWayne Walker interim head coach, as a sort of trial head coaching gig. 

Mason asked what our editor thought of the plan. Our editor said that was a bad idea. Mason went nuts, saying several times that he thought it was crazy that does NOT want to fire Karl Dorrell today (he then said he was going to start a site called - hilarious).  The reason Mason wants to fire Dorrell today is because it avoids the risk of ending the season with the nuclear record of 9-4 (where DG can't fire Dorrell and the NFL doesn't hire Dorrell away). Our response deserves explanation, which we couldn't really give in the interview.

Here is DD's full response to the Mason Plan:

  2. DG should NOT fire Karl Dorrell today. 
  4. Firing Karl Dorrell today carries far too many political costs.  The political costs outweigh the benefits of getting rid of Dorrell now before he turns up the nuclear 9-4 season (the one in which DG cannot fire him and Dorrell does not get the NFL callup).  Imagine the heat UCLA would get for firing one of a handful of African American coaches after 1 loss in a 3 game season.
  6. Promoting DeWayne Walker to interim head coach would be a huge mistake.  Imagine if DeWayne Walker won enough to take the team to 7-5 ... having closed out the season 5-4.   Dan Guerrero would be the first AD to fire 2 African American coaches in 1 season!  And that would amount to firing nearly HALF the African American coaches in college football today.  Yeah, not going to happen.
  8. Firing a head coach this early is never done.  When was the last time a coach was fired this early in the season?? We cant think of any time. Now following conventional wisdom for the sake of it is not ever a plan.  However, there is a reason why teams don't fire coaches this early in the season.  It hurts the program in too many ways.  Even if you select an interim from the program, there would be a revolt in the locker room among players who support support Dorrell.  They would clash with the players who would be happy to see him go.  Keeping Dorrell in a sense creates some unity because it sustains consistency.  Firing Dorrell destroys that.
  9. Gives recruits too much time to decommit. Think about what firing Dorrell will do the recruits we have lined up. By firing Dorrell we give them a few months to consider other options, as well as other coaches to pursue them aggressively. By holding onto to Dorrell until after the SuC game, we only give them a few weeks until Dorrell's replacement is named (by which time hopefully Gerrero will have already sealed the deal anway). Sure, recruits could be reconsidering anyway, but nothing solidifies change like a firing.
Those are the reason why The Mason Plan just wouldn't work and why we don't support it.  What are your thoughts.

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