Karl Dorrell Farewell Season Drinking Game

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

If Saturday was any indication, this will not be a fun season for UCLA fans. Karl Dorrell football is just not fun. In order to make this season somewhat more enjoyable, I submit to you the "Karl Dorrell Farewell Season Drinking Game." Use whatever beverage you like, but please stay away from the kool-aid.

Take a drink anytime any of the following happens:
*    Dorrell appears on screen and he's not doing sh_t (drink twice if he has anything stuffed down his pants).
*    You shake your head in dismay, bury your head in your hands or yell at the screen because of the game.
*    Our opponent breaks off a 30+ yard play against Walker's impregnable defense.
*    Run-Run-Pass successfully ends in a three and out. Try not to cry.
*    One of our tailbacks slams into a clusterf_ck of linemen for no gain.
*    If you happen to be watching GameDay and Corso and Herbstreit pick against us, take a shot.
*    We kick a field goal.
*    You see a shirt or sign critical of Dorrell in the broadcast.
*    An announcer mentions "the hotseat."

Finish what you have in front of you if:
*    Dorrell is shown literally turning a corner.
*    Karl Dorrell says we have to "execute better" or makes some other inane comment going into the locker at half.
*    You start thinking Dorrell might not be that bad after all. You should know better by now.

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