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The Thinker Keeps Lying

Good Monday morning everyone. If already had your breakfast, please brace yourself before you read this post with chalk full of quotes from our lying pos head coach.

As usual the liar failed to take any kind of personal responsibility whatsoever and instead Saturday’s massacre as a "complete team effort" (emphasis added throughout):

Karl Dorrell, after having to relive the experience on the game film, said, "This was a complete team effort, in terms of how well we did not execute in offense, defense and special teams."

Dorrell added the understatement, "there is plenty to teach" from the game film.

You all right there? Haven’t gotten sick yet? Well here is more from the lying Thinker from yesterday:

He added that the team will "reevaluate everything" when asked whether personnel changes would be part of the aftermath.

"We had meetings with the team and they understand what the circumstance is," Dorrell said. "Now we start back up and get going in a positive way."

And then the thinker tops it off with this gem in the Daily News:

"We're all going through a deep assessment right now of where we're at. We're going to continue to try and shore up the issues that we have, and get ourselves ready for another great week."


I mean comeone someone tell me that's what the reporters reactions were when they heard this clown saying getting "ready for another great week."

I mean seriously. I wonder what goes through the mind of Dan Guererro and other pencil pushers in the Morgan Center when they have to wake up to quotes like the one above. I wonder if this joke of a head coach has any kind of self respect that he walks into his offices pretending everything is normal.

Meanwhile, the crappy traditional media continues to pretend that it is somehow a team issue and are dancing around the ultimate problem. One of the commenters in the LAT’s What’s Bruin blog over the weekend called out the Times "UCLA blogger" on it:

Rich, your post talks all around the problem, but never mentions it squarely. The ultimate responsibility for having a team "ready" to play belongs to the coaching staff, and starts with the HC. Every year in the going on 5 years of the Dorrell era there are ugly ugly blots. His "best" season (10-2) in '05 was characterized by a series of improbable comebacks, and yet all came crashing down in two humiliating losses. Take that one season out, and his record is as bland as he is. Yesterday's game was inexcusable, and the Times reports that all the week's practice prior was lackadaisical leading up to it? Didn't anyone (e.g. the coach) learn anything from UA in '05? Didn't anyone (e.g. the Coach) learn anything from UW last year? Didn't anyone (e.g. the Coach) learn anything from last WEEK (the BYU near debacle). Dorrell has 20 starters back, most of 'em seniors, and this is the best effort he can extract from them? He should resign this morning, and his entire staff ought to follow suit. I'm sure that won't happen, so when the next time this happens this season - and it will (against the Huskies next week, or at OSU the week after, or heaven-and-Saints-forbid the following week for ND's first win this season) Guerrero should pull the trigger and can him. Either that, or he should commit the program to a new Truth-in-advertising slogan "Bruin Football: Better than Stanford . . .for now."

It is amusing to see how the pathetic bunch of reporters covering the UCLA beat are dancing around the main issue and are straining themselves to buy into the liar’s BS about this being a complete team failure.

It is a cheap cop out to blame our players for what happened Saturday.

It is a cheap cop out to take it out on a kid like Ben Olson for what happened on Saturday.

Before anyone thinks about blaming a single player from our squad, think about it for a second. You think Nate Longshore would have no problem in Karl Dorrell’s pos offense? If you actually believe that nonsense, then you shouldn’t be posing at BN.

Again we will not tolerate any posts or comments that scapegoats our players for what has happened this year and what happens from hereon out.

If anything we urge every student who is reading this blog to reach out to our guys, tell them to hang in there, and also tell them that better days are ahead of them.

For now all our focus should be on the lying pos who continues to pose as the head coach of our football program. All the beat writers in the LA Times can dance around it, but we need to keep calling him out and do what we can to bring attention to this crisis that continues to ravage our football program.