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Dorrell Out-Coached....Again

Matt Hayes at provides yet another example of Dorrell's glaring incompetency:

A microcosm of how utterly poor UCLA was in its upset loss at Utah: The Bruins spent significant practice time last week preparing for a fake field goal attempt by the Utes. Utah pulled it off anyway, and the momentum-changing play led to a touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half. ..

I'm sure the Dorrellistas will be quick to point out how special teams is the responsibility of the ST coach. Therein lies Dorrell's protection--nothing seems to be his responsibility.

When will Dorrell be held accountable?

Well, Dorrell's little secret is starting to be revealed in the MSM. John Wilner has penned an excellent piece exposing the fraud that is Karl Dorrell:

If Dorrell can't win with this team -- if he can't get a veteran team to play hard each week -- you have to wonder just how much he can win with any team.

And if he can lose to Utah with this team, you have to figure he can lose to just about anybody.

But if you're a Bruins fan, the most concerning development might be this:

Your program has already been overtaken by Cal, and now, with Dorrell at the helm, it appears that Washington and Arizona State are preparing to pass you by, as well.

Wilner goes on to rank UCLA 8th best in the PAC 10. All this in Dorrell's "make-a-move" season.

Meanwhile, Gregg Patton at the Press Enterprise also jumps into the fray with another article that hints at a familiar question: If not now, when?

"We don't deserve Top 25 after that loss," he said. "You have to earn your way."

The funny thing is, the Bruins probably are that talented, and probably did have a shot at a BCS game. By Game 3, though, they couldn't even muster up the necessary intensity to see it through.

Disappointment is an oft-recurring theme in Westwood, and Dorrell has learned how to handle that.

"Remember, the game is supposed to be fun," he said, flashing a smile. "Believe me, when we have a game like that, it's difficult.

"But I'm not going to be sorrowful. I'm just going to look forward to the next game, and get ready to play Washington."

Five years down the road -- three games into the season that was going to change the status quo -- we have no reason to think it's ever going to be any different.

(emphasis added)

Now, ESPN is projecting UCLA to appear in the prestigious Las Vegas TV Bowl. Again, all this in Dorrell's "make-a-move" season.

Dorrell is clearly incompetent and should be relieved of his duties immediately. As long as he holds the position of head football coach at UCLA he is stealing money from the state of California and the University. If he had any shred of self-decency and pride in his alma mater, he'd acknowledge his ineptitude and resign and take his entire staff with him.