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A Total Fraud

ESPN having a field day with UCLA.

In WWL's bottom-10:

FWIW the WWL did up that special graphic for Karl Dorrell's program, and I think it is perfect. It is accurate. That is exactly what this clown has done to the image of our alma mater's football program.

And that's not enough. WWL is also rightfully calling out the Thinker as what he really is - a fraud - placing UCLA in the "fraudulent four":

UCLA (11). The Dash foolishly ignored Karl Dorrell's past precedent, which screamed that his team would mail in at least one lame performance against an unranked team. (See: Stanford loss 2003, Washington State loss 2004, Arizona loss 2005, Washington loss 2006.) The Dash's faith in a veteran Bruins' team was rewarded with a 44-6 quit job against wounded, winless Utah. Pathetic.
Sounds just about right. (HT to drummersix)

Now only if Dan Guerrero could figure out how to send a text message.