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Tuesday News & Notes

So I am sure all of you know the big news by now. Brian Price is now eligible to waste his talent under Dorrell at UCLA. For the young man’s sake we hope he decides to red shirt and hopefully gets to play for a solid coach next season. But if I were a member of the Price family, I wouldn’t really let my son waste his ungodly talents under losers like Dorrell or Walker.

Meanwhile, speaking of the Thinker, he is furiously working hard not to fix his team but to lower expectations:

"We're not quite as good a team as most people thought," Dorrell said. "I always said that I thought we're a good Pac-10 team with a chance to win the championship."
Uh no. Nice try liar. (and I realize calling this doofus a liar may make some of you uncomfortable, but I am going to call it as it see it – liar or loser – either works perfectly to describe this clown). Everyone and their mother knew THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE YEAR for Dorrell. And now he is shameless enough to revise history? The reason why most people expected this team to contend for a championship (not just the Pac-10 championship) is because the expectations that was constantly built up by this liar and his cultist supporters during last four years. And no matter how much he tries now he is not going to able to lower it.

Meanwhile, Dorrell’s players are apparently not on the same page with their loser head coach:
Yet the players remain committed to their goals.

"We're seniors, we want to win a national championship," Breazell said. "That can still be possible, but we've got to go in and win every game.

"We're still undefeated in the Pac-10, that's our goal, the Pac-10 championship."

The national title talk, Dorrell said, was because "our players get a little bit overzealous about their thoughts and ambitions . . . and you want them to be ambitious."
Uh so I get it. So the Thinker is saying that he was letting his players do all the BSing for him.

Also, Dorrell continues to avoid taking total responsibility for Saturday’s disaster (emphasis mine):
Dorrell mostly took the blame for that fiasco at his Monday postmortem news conference, though not completely.

"That's my responsibility ultimately," he said. "It's a shared responsibility with our coaches and players."

And then later there was this: "The guys who are veterans on this team need to step up and have more consistency in their play. We have to coach better and make sure they're prepared to execute the things we need them to execute this weekend."
I just don’t understand how a kid can have any respect left for this clown who continues to blame everyone except for himself for the total mess he is created in our football program.

The players for their part are going through motions, having player only meetings, and looking at their wristbands:
"We talked about leadership, and how everybody has to buy into the program," Bruins receiver Brandon Breazell said. "There was a moment where everyone was looking at their wristbands (which has a team goal imprinted in them), to know what you're working for.
That’s what UCLA football has been reduced to under the current loser leading this program. Players are relegated to looking at silly wristbands for inspiration because Lord knows they are not getting any from the joke of a head coach who has completely destroyed this program.