Under The Bus

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The Liar thinker continues to sound more and more ridiculous every day.

I see the Simers articled linked up in the main page. But check out the quotes in which Dorrell once again tries to shift lot of the blame on his players:

"It wasn't anything about preparation," Dorrell said when we got together Tuesday. "I told our players this team was going to be dangerous and desperate. What's disappointing, our players got caught up with the fact 'we're UCLA and we're ranked No. 11.' "

What's disappointing was Dorrell's players were advised of the trap they were about to enter, and they did not listen. These are his recruits, his players, his seniors and he has spent countless hours bonding with them, but they did not listen.

"From the players' perspective," Dorrell said, "I'm sure they're saying, 'yeah, he told us, but is that really what's going to happen?' I think they got the message; they just didn't react to the message."

Apparently Dorrell also did say that it was his "fault." But whatever. The joker still couldn't help blaming his players in the press.

And then there was this on Monday:

"We weren't expecting anything like that to happen. We'll learn from this game, unfortunately, as a difficult embarrassment. Are the issues fixable? No question: They are fixable, and that's really what our plan is, is to go out and fix those things."


"Fix those things"

But not worries. This is what Dorrell told Simers:

"I sleep well at night," Dorrell said. "I did everything I could."

Yeah, that's not a slap in the face to entire Bruin family. He single handedly flushes the program down the toilet but he shows no signs of remorse in public.

Like we have said before we shouldn't be fooled by the stuff we hear about this clown being some kind of nice guy. A nice guy would at least show some sign of remorse or concern in this case when the whole world around him has totally collapse because of his incompetence.

The Liar Thinker is turning out to be one of the biggest jerks in college football.

Time for Morgan Center to throw this loser under the bus.

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