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Backtracking On Preseason Goals.

So since the Utah debacle the Thinker has been desperately trying to backtrack on pre-season expectations by using this line:

"We're not quite as good a team as most people thought," Dorrell said. "I always said that I thought we're a good Pac-10 team with a chance to win the championship."
Dorrell has also been out saying its his players, not him who had built up the expectations heading into this season. Obviously it is not difficult to look up quotes where Dorrell and his supporters specifically pointed to this year as being THE YEAR.

But I think this is probably one of the better evidence of how it wasn't just Dorrell's players but  KD who himself pointed to this season as being THE SEASON in which they were not just going to shoot for winning the Pac-10 championship but also beating Southern Cal.

Here is Dorrell introducing Christian Taylor at UCLA football's preason dinner at the Rose Bowl:

In the video Taylor clearly referenced how Dorrell had said the goal was to win the Pac-10 championship and beat Southern Cal this season. And here we have Dorrell now desperately trying back away from all those goals and lower expectations.

Once again to be fair to Dorrell Bruins can still win the Pac-10 championship. Obviously it looks more like a pipe dream. However, I happen to think that the way he has handled himself in public constantly failing to take any kind of responsibility, throwing his players under the bus, even if UCLA somehow wins the Pac-10 championship this season ther has been so much ill feelings built up at this point that he can't stay for the long term.

He needs to go either sometime during this season or the Monday after its over. If he wants to leave with any sense of dignity he'd pull the trigger now and save the larger UCLA community from dragging through this ugly mess.