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Thursday News & Notes

I hear some making the point that how they are sick of reading post after post of anti-Dorrell talk. Well that is too bad guys. Because we are sick of year after year after year of incompetent head coaches embarrassing our alma mater’s football program.

We are sick of reading this reading BS articles that are filled with cliché ridden quotes from players about how they have their lessons from the latest debacle on the field. That gets tiring.

And we are also kind of sick and tired of Dorrell playing the race card every time he gets a chance in the traditional media:

"Tyrone has kind of been the patriarch in this movement," Dorrell said. "He means a lot for this profession."

Dorrell said Saturday's game is more than just a battle of 2-1 Pacific 10 Conference schools.

"It's much bigger than that from a national scope, and from a career scope for young people interested in coaching," Dorrell said. "It's really to keep the inspiration alive for them. . . . I think all that is real important."
It is pathetic and it is reminiscent of the previous incompetent basketball coach who would say anything (which included attacking and denigrating UCLA alums) to hang on to a job he did not deserve.

Speaking of holding on to a job, look out Ben Olson. Looks like he has lost the starting job to Patrick Cowan again due to injury:
UCLA's quarterback carousel is taking another spin. Patrick Cowan will start for the Bruins when they play Washington on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

Ben Olson, who suffered concussion symptoms after the Utah game, didn't practice Wednesday, and his status for today's practice is uncertain as well. He hasn't been cleared to practice, and even if he is, there's no guarantee he'll suit up as the backup Saturday.

Cowan started the final eight games last year and was under center for UCLA's victory over USC. This will be the first time Cowan suits up since suffering a hamstring injury Aug. 20. And Cowan just returned to full practice on Tuesday.

"Pat goes to all the meetings but hasn't taken the reps," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "But he's taken the mental reps of staying in the game plan week in and week out, and that's allowed him to stay fresh. I've been impressed with how he's been able to practice. He looks pretty sharp and is making nice throws."

Olson wasn't sure which tackle was responsible for the concussion, although no one around UCLA is referring to it as such, but he acknowledged it could've happened on any number of plays.

"I've gotten better every day," Olson said. "I'm just progressing and trying to get back out here."
And I can only imagine what is going through the head of the Olson family who saw an incompetent coach leaving their kid in the game during the meaningless fourth quarter. I imagine there is a good chance Olson suffered his concussions because of the beating he was taking in fourth quarter when the Utah D-line was just busting through our demoralized OL and rocking Olson time after time. Yeah, I am sure Dorrell had nothing to do with it.

I don’t even care how this qb controversy plays out at this point. After all its not like we have seen botch a quarterback controversy causing talented QB to transfer out and shine elsewhere. Whatever.

Anyway, the blowhards in the traditional media will point to this weekend’s game as some kind of last stand for Karl Dorrell. That is of course nonsense. It’s a game UCLA should be able to win even it was led by Ed Kazirian. Winning this game will not give us any new answers about Karl Dorrell.

We already know what kind of coach and person this loser is. And winning a game at home against a lower tier Pac-10 team is not going to give us some new data point about whether or not Karl Dorell deserves to be the head coach of UCLA football. We got the answer last weekend.

So at this point in terms of actual games and opponents it doesn’t matter like it didn’t matter during Lavin’s last year. Those of you who were following UCLA hoops online during Lavin years, will remember how we basically stopped caring about the actual games and opponents during his last two years. It was pointless. We have pretty much reached that point with regards to UCLA football.

I did write up some notes on Washington team last time, which I will post later today. But I have to tell you if for some reason we choke away this game at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, it will be the last time I post opponents notes, and zero in even more on the worst college football coach in America.

It’s not us, it’s the sound sleeper who has taken every ounce of joy associated with following UCLA football.