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Work Ethic: Dorrell v. Howland

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A giant HT to trojan killing greek guy for making this connection.

So by now everyone has read this comment following the Utah game, which I think will be one of the defining quotes of Dorrel’s failed tenure at UCLA (emphasis added throughout):

"I sleep well at night," Dorrell said. "I did everything I could."
Compare that to what we get from the other major athletic program at UCLA:
Long story short, UCLA played Memphis twice in 2005-06. The first time was in November in New York, the second time was in March in Oakland. I was courtside for both, and in the first I watched Memphis totally dominate the Bruins, score 88 points and win while shooting 53.4 percent from the field. It was an impressive performance, the kind that suggested Memphis would control any future meeting. But Howland stayed up the night before the second showdown studying film from that previous game and others, and -- depending on who's telling the story -- he watched 12, 14 or 16 hours of the stuff. Either way, it was an insane number, and it led to UCLA holding the Tigers to a season-low 45 points.

Did you get that?

Given the chance to prepare and adjust, Howland nearly cut Memphis' offensive production in half. Granted, some of it had to do with the Tigers missing shots they normally made, but casting the dismal effort as nothing more than "one of those days" would be naive. Simply put, Howland coached his ass off, and that was the biggest factor that contributed to UCLA avenging an earlier loss to advance to the Final Four. The guy is really good. Really, really good.
Simple really.

One guy coaches his ass off, the other sleeps his ass off.