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A Total Clown

Someone, anyone, please clue in Brian Dohn:

How aware/concerned does Dorrell seem to be about his rapidly warming hot seat?
He knows he has to produce wins or he could be in trouble, but I will ask you this. Who says his hot seat is rapidly warming? Fans, boosters or administrators?
I dunno. I wonder where the heat is coming from? May be Brian ought to be reading things like this in the New York Times:
Karl Dorrell doesn't have many fans over at Bruins Nation. Being called a "total clown" is not exactly a ringing endorsement from your fan base.
Funny how the NYT's CFB blog ('the Quad') has a beat on what is going on at UCLA, yet Dohn, the LA Daily News beat writer is still trying to figure out what is going on within the community that lives and dies with the football team he is supposed to cover. Anyways ...

So yeah clown is the theme of this week. Actually pretty much the theme of last four miserable years under Karl Dorrell.

So it only makes sense to offer this up from Jack Johnson:

RODEO CLOWN: One of my favorite tunes ever.

It has been buzzing through my head all this week.

See you tomorrow.