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Friday News & Notes

I wrote in my last post that no matter who plays at QB, UCLA should win this Saturday. But just to make it official it will be not Ben Olson. Olson will not be available even as a backup per the LAT:

Quarterback Ben Olson on Thursday was officially ruled out of Saturday's game against Washington, even as a backup.

"When [doctors] cleared him yesterday, he had an outside chance of playing in a reserve role," Coach Karl Dorrell said Thursday. "Now they will exert him tomorrow and then he has to wait 24 hours after that."

Olson has suffered from lingering headaches and nausea after being leveled a handful of times in the Bruins' 44-6 loss to Utah last Saturday, though it has yet to be termed a concussion.

That leaves the offense under the guidance of Patrick Cowan, who missed the last month with a partially torn hamstring. Dorrell said he was confident that Cowan's injury was healed enough to allow him to be mobile.
And after PC pulls out the win tomorrow we might as well get ready for yet another quarterback controversy under Dorrell’s tenure at UCLA. The Thinker is already at it (from the same LAT article):
Dorrell was not ready to say whether Olson would automatically reclaim his starting spot once healthy no matter how Cowan plays.

"I'd like to focus on Washington right now, if I can, and I'll get to that when the time comes," Dorrell said.
Given how Dorrell has been – dishonest, insincere, not straight forward, incompetent whatever you want to call it – in dealing with the media wrt to QB in the past, there is a chance this will get pretty ugly.

Speaking of ugly, Dorrell continues to point out how it was his players who f’ed up against Utah:
UCLA was flagged for six false starts against Utah, so discipline was stressed during practice.

"We had a couple (Thursday), so I talked to (left tackle) Micah (Kia). He's got to focus and be a little bit better about that," Dorrell said. "You have to really emphasize it, and be hard on (them) so it's something they really think about, along with all the assignments and snap counts."
Again we will bring up a direct contrast with Howland in this instance (HT to BruinCore). While Dorrell calls out his players by name for the f’ups, compare that to Howland after the game at Oregon last year. UCLA lost the game, but had a chance to tie it in last second when Shipp instead of driving to the basket, launched a 3 pointer that fell short. Here was Howland:
"The last play of the game was really my fault. I wanted to go for the win," Howland said. "I thought we would be able to penetrate and kick out for a 3, and it wasn't there. We were really tentative and did not get a good shot at the end of the game."
Again the contrast is just mind boggling and just one more example of why I argue that if Dorrell and Howland were in the same profession, the Thinker would not be qualified to be even a towel boy in Howland’s staff. And yet the guy tries to paint himself as a victim despite raking in almost million bucks a year.

Anyways, we will end this Friday round up with this funny. Can you imagine the Thinker as the "Coach of the Year"?

Well Keith Jackson and Kirk Herbstreit certainly can! They are featuring the Thinker on "The Show" scheduled to run on September 22, which apparently is a series running up to "The Liberty Mutual Coach Of The Year." ROFL Just one more reason why I have completely stopped watching and listening to these doofuses in pre-game shows.