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The Bush Push: Not So Fast Says The NC2A

So Southern Cal wants desperately to sweep potentially the biggest cheating scandal in the history of college football. Not so fast says the NCAA:

An NCAA spokesperson e-mailed the organization's latest statement regarding the Reggie Bush investigation after reading a Register story in which USC athletic director Mike Garrett and Carroll predicted little would come of the probe.

"Despite the general lack of cooperation from those involved with the case, the NCAA investigation into this matter is on-going and progress is being made," the statement read.

The investigation began in January 2006. It is looking into how much USC knew about improper benefits that prospective agents reportedly gave Bush's parents.

"If it was going to break and all this stuff was going to come out, it would have come out a long time ago," Garrett told the Register.
Now let's see. We get a new football coach around December and NCAA lower the boom on one of the most (allegedly/morally) corrupt college football programs in the history of the game.

We may have a happy ending after all.