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Game (A Meaningless One) Day Roundup & Notes

Lets make something clear right off the bat this game day.

Today's game means nothing. It is not going to tell us anything new about the Sleeping Beauty's joke of a football program. So please disregard this kind of BS from his incompetent coaching staff:

"I think this game is going to reveal ourselves," Walker said. "The first two games [the defense was] OK. We hadn't hit our stride but played well enough. Then to have that kind of game. . . . I still have a hangover."
Uh no DeWayne. I think we have enough sample already to know what kind of program your head coach is running. There is going to be nothing "revealing" about today's game when you pull out an expected win over a lower tier Pac-10 program.

The real news wrt to UCLA football comes from Dohn today. Apparently players are naming names and pointing fingers at each other:
The aftermath of the fallout, besides UCLA (2-1, 1-0 Pac-10) sliding from 11th nationally to out of the rankings, is far-reaching.

So destructive was last week's annihilation that it resulted in a players' only meeting in which, according to team sources, individuals were singled out for not working hard enough during the week, and not being prepared to play.
Yeah, I am sure 18-22 year old kids are going to forget incidents like that, just like that.

More recap from Dohn on last weekend's fall out, which is going to reverberate through rest of the season:
The offense, which is supposedly much improved from 2006, scored 71 points in the first three games under first-year offensive coordinator and play-caller Jay Norvell.

A year ago, under Jim Svoboda, UCLA's offense scored 69 points in the opening three games.

And now the offense is missing three crucial components, each knocked out with injury against the Utes.

Four-year starter Shannon Tevaga (knee) is out at left guard, replaced by senior P.J. Irvin, who is making his first start. Second-leading receiver Marcus Everett (ankle) will not play, and quarterback Ben Olson (concussion) is unavailable, meaning Patrick Cowan, who missed a month of practice because of a hamstring pull, is forced to lead a timing-based, quick-decision offense after three practices.

"It's time for the leadership to step up more," UCLA senior receiver Brandon Breazell said. "It's not just the 25 seniors we have. We need everyone to grow up, and everybody to buy into the program."
It's a little late Brandon. Not when your joke of a head coach is confiding to his buddy that your team-mates really weren't working all that hard during the off-season, while they were busy BSing to the media (with implicit approval of the coaching staff since they along with their cultist supporters were pointing to this year as THE YEAR themselves) about how hard everyone was working for the dream season. And don't forget the part about ho the Sleeping Beauty was working golfing hard during the offseason to get ready for this `show-me' season.

Obviously all the nonsense we heard from these guys were all BS, just like everything we hear today is all BS.

So pardon us if we are not approaching today's game as some kind of watershed moment in Dorrell's tenure.

It is all meaningless at this point.

Anyways, doesn't mean we are going to tune out football today or rest of the season. We are going to be around to watch the Clown show.

We hope everyone who is heading out the Rose Bowl will have a great time.

We will be back here with our game thread little later today.

I am ready. I already have my game face Dump Dorrell T-Shirt (that I bought last season) on.