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The "Show Me" Season: Washington Open Thread

The Karl Dorrell's "Show Me" Season is pretty much meaningless at this point but doesn't mean we can't have fun this Saturday. As Barnes2JJ wrote so poignantly just because our football team is horrible doesn't mean we have to give up enjoying our Fall Saturdays watching the game.

I am going to stay up late watching my Bruins and reminisce about being at the most beautiful sports venue in the world enjoying moments like this:

Photo Credit: BigWillieStyle's photostream (flickr)

I am assuming our full band will be there today since either school is starting this coming week or it has already started. Nothing like watching our band in formation, singing "SOW." Still gives me the chills.

Kickoff is at 7:15 PST (on FSN). If you are logging on without any TV coverage, here is the link to click to track the game.

Once again the thread is all yours.

Fire away.