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Signs Of A Poorly Coached Football Team

Leading up to Saturday we heard from Dohn how "discipline was stressed during practice." So naturally thanks to the Head Added Coach's awesome job of "answering the bell" we'd get a mistake free football game at the Rose Bowl? Right?

Think again. From Dohn after the game:

UCLA committed 10 penalties for 88 yards, which took away from of the luster from the win. UCLA had several drives stopped, and the OL again had its share of penalties, including three false starts in the first quarter.
"We're still making some mistakes and that's the disappointing thing,'' UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "It was a very important win for us, but we are making too many mistakes. There is a lot we can get better at. I was pleased with our efforts, but we have to be better if we're going to have an opportunity to win in this conference.
"As a staff, we'll continue to improve in that area. The penalties were out of sorts , and I'm very disappointed with that. We're going to have to get those things corrected this week."
Might I add lot of those penalties were stupid mental mistakes that were drive killers (and some that kept drives alive for the Hapless Huskies). Those are the kind of penalties that gave us an impression of anything but a well "coached" or "drilled" football team.

But hey. Don't blame our "head added coach." He did what he could. He "answered the bell" baby and he is going to be 'sleeping well' tonight!!