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A Meaningless Sleepy Win

Dear God. We beat up on a really bad football team tonight.

As I said last week, the Bruins could beat Washington even with Ed Kezerian coaching the football team. And I wasn't too far off.

Bruins beat up on a really awful Husky team at the Rose Bowl:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Gus Ruelas (ESPN)

The final score was 44-35 with big days from Markey, Bell, Cowan, Slater, and, as always, our FG kicker. Yet, the offense, defense, and the special team still looked Dorrellian. It's just that they were taking on another pathetic football team.

Obviously, the big question is who is going to be our QB next weekend. But it doesn't matter, because we know the Thinker is going to get some good sleep tonight!

Anyways, we will have more tomorrow. But, as I sad earlier today, beating up on a crappy team like Washington team means absolutely NOTHING. Any BTW, this just in: UNLV beats Utah by a score of 27-0.

Speaking of sleeping, I need to go. It's late around my neck of the woods.

The thread is all yours.