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We Own Oregon State ...

I thought about typing in their nick name in the title of this post, but that will cause Fox 71, Barnes2JJ, tasser and some of the other guys to have a field day in the comment thread.

Seriously though - we do own Oregon State.

Just take a look at these numbers.

We lead the overall series by a count of 38-13-4.

We have beaten them 4 games in a row.

The last time we played them up there was interestingly Toledo's last season - 2002 - when we beat them up by a score of 43-35 (kind of like the score of last weekend's game).

We also beat them up there in 2001 when we had this guy:

We haven't lost in Corvallis since 1999, which was a rebuilding season that got off to an horrific start stemming from the handicapped scandal.

So you are getting the picture. We don't lose to these guys. We have owned them historically and we have owned them this decade despite being handicapped (no pun intended here) with coaches such as Toledo and CTS.

We will have more notes on these guys later. But as you can there will be no excuse for losing to these guys, just like we didn't have any business losing to ... oh never mind.