BREAKING: After 5 Years CTS Decides To 'Coach'!

From the Press Enterprise:

Coming off a 44-6 loss to Utah the previous week -- a loss that is considered among the most embarrassing in his tenure in Westwood -- Dorrell managed to not only help the Bruins rebound with a 44-31 victory over the Huskies, but also may have done one of his better coaching jobs in the process.

"He stayed in our face all week and he didn't let up," All-American defensive end Bruce Davis said. "That's what a head coach is supposed to do and he did a great job of it.

"I didn't like it so much when it was happening, but I appreciate it now. He did a great job of motivating us and keeping our heads on straight and keeping us focused."

This was a team in need of some leadership, and Dorrell provided it Saturday. Under his guidance, the Bruins took some calculated risks against the Huskies and made the necessary adjustments to take control of the game in the third quarter -- a period that has been a problem for the Bruins throughout the season.

In the loss to Utah, Dorrell warned his players that the Utes would be hungry and looking for an upset, but they failed to heed his advice. In the week leading up to Washington, Dorrell took a more direct approach and it paid off.

"I would definitely say so," running back Chris Markey said when asked if this was one of Dorrell's best coaching jobs. "We were projected to be a great team, and we lost to Utah. Teams can fall after that, but we didn't."

Is it just me or any else getting sick and tired of giving Dorrell some credit after a non-descript win over some joke Pac-10 team?

I mean I remember reading the same crap after UCLA beat up on ASU the weekend following it got its ass handed by Arizona in 2005. Everyone remembers what happened the game after ASU.

Yet is it is amazing that these beat writing morons are falling for this crap.

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