December 2, 2006, A Day That Will Live in Infamy

I was listening to the game radio broadcast the other night (something I rarely do) and repeatedly heard, during commercial breaks, a 5 second station ID which said something like: "KLAC 570... where the Bruins beat Troy."

It struck me kind of odd and as I kept hearing it, it made me realize how everyone associated with the Bruin football family, from the team on down to its broadcasters and fans, needs to move on. Yes, 12/2/06 was a great, great day in Bruin history. I still get goosebumps watching highlights. But really folks, is that the pinnacle of our success? In a way, it's very symbolic of our lowered expectations -- that we crown the achievement of beating our arch rival during a season filled with disappointment and unfulfilled expectations.

But, what did that victory really mean? Here at BN, we all know that victory, much like Lavin's 2nd round NCAA tourney victories, saved KD's ass and assured another season of inconsistent play from unprepared teams. It assured that we would live to see another day like the Utah game.

So as some continue to celebrate that great win over $C, we need to understand that winning that game masked a cancer that is slowly killing our beloved football program in agonizing fashion.    

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