Ignoring Rasshan, The Thinker Now Risking Forcier's Redshirt

Another gem from the Thinker of Westwood. GO BRUINS. -N

So your offense is a boring, vanilla run-run-pass offense that even a pop warner QB can run.

You have an athletic freak/mobile QB who can easily do the run-run-pass (or just (handoff)run-(handoff)run-(handoff)run in case of the Law Firm) thing.

You need an emergency 3rd string QB.

What do you do? Go with the QB who has been in the program for three years or do you go with a true freshman with some potential, risking to burn his red shirt season or even an injury?

Dohn Painter gives us the Thinker's answer:

Osaar Rasshan - the former quarterback turned receiver - will not be the third-string quarterback for the Oregon State game. Chris Forcier will make the trip as the third-string QB.
``No. we're capable with the two we've got,'' Karl Dorrell said. ``Forcier is coming too. If we have to we have to, but we're not talking about that. Please.''
Rasshan is the third-string receiver behind Joe Cowan and Dominique Johnson.

UCLA has precious little depth at quarterback, but don't expect the Bruins to shy away from anything - like trying to make a tackle after throwing an interception - to try to protect the quarterback. That's how Patrick Cowan injured his knee last week. Dorrell won't take those instincts away from his signal callers.
``No way, you've got to play ball,'' Dorrell said. ``You've got to play ball. What are you going to do - give up a touchdown? We're not laying down.''

Yeah tough guy the Thinker is.

Just went I think this guy possibly couldn't make a dumber decision, he reaches a new low.

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