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Love Season Coming Soon ...

A little relief in middle of all the Dorrell related madness. From the UCLA Magazine:

Asked why he chose to attend UCLA in 25 words or less, Love lists his teammates' names, along with "campus, academics, atmosphere, winning, tradition and California girls." Asked if he's more tired of answering questions about Bill Walton '74 and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar '69 or -- talk about California Girls -- the Beach Boys (singer Mike Love is Kevin's uncle), he admits it's Kareem and Bill. "How can you respond when they compare you to the two best college basketball players ever?"

The comparisons continue, but Love seems ready. "My role will be different than [in high school]," he says. "Now I get to play with great scorers like Josh [Shipp] and Darren [Collison] and rebounders like Luc [Mbah a Moute] and Lorenzo [Mata]. We will look out for each other. My goal is to win the NCAA championship."

Well, that's one of his goals. His final e-mail concludes, old-school style: "I am also looking forward to getting to know the many girls on the UCLA campus. Girls, keep me in mind, please."
May be Love can provide some tutorials to our illiterate, idiot football coach on how to talk to media or better may be he can cover the football press conferences, giving us updates on the team, while the Sleeping Beauty continues to destroy UCLA football "fix" things.

Just 42 more days.