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More Sign of Lack Of Preparation ...

Just when you thought the Dorrell era couldn't get any wackier. Check out this note from the DN article I linked earlier today, which somehow none of you brought up in the comment thread:

Half vision: Sometimes little details make all the difference, and one was certainly missed by Dorrell's Bruins in the now infamous thrashing at Utah.

After the game quarterback Ben Olson said he was hit so hard one of his contact lenses was knocked out. It turned out Olson never found it, and he played part of the game with only one contact lens in, sources said.

"I make no excuses for my play," said Olson, refusing to acknowledge it happened.

However, UCLA offensive coordinator Jay Norvell confirmed Olson played with only one lens for a part of the game.

"We should always have a backup," Norvell said. "That's out of my area of expertise. I don't know if it (hurt), but it doesn't help."
I think the responsibility here lies with Olson for not carrying around an extra contact. I wear those. And I know wherever I go on any trip, I am always carrying around an extra set of lenses.

This is something Ben should be cognizant about. However, given how many stories we have heard over the years exposing an unprepared, confused, clueless coaching staff under the current regime, it is not surprising to see players dropping the ball on details.

After all they have been "growing" and "learning" under the current "added" coach.