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Dohn Torches The Sleeping Beauty

Brian Dohn (at least from my vantage point) calls our Karl Dorrell as a complete doofus when it comes to public relations 101:

I understand some folks view the Football 101 can be considered petty, but to me it is symbolic of a coach not understanding every aspect of his job.
If Karl Dorrell doesn't know more about football than the media covering the team, that would be a horrific indictment. Part of his job is to deal with the media, and answer questions in a professional manner. In my opinion, he failed to do that Wednesday.
Again, it's understanding how to shape perception. This is the same coach who defeated USC, then did not speak to the media for a week, and forbid his players to speak to the media for two weeks after the win because he wanted them focused on Florida State. The Bruins then went out and were beaten by a bad Florida State team.
This is the same coach who, when his starting quarterback transferred after his first season, would not address it publicly.
All that is fine, if you go out and win. But it creates the perception that A), he does not handle adversity well and B) he is not always being accountable for what takes place in his program.
Again, how Dorrell acts with the media is his choice. When he doesn't take the time to explain certain situations, he fails to get HIS message across to the masses. Instead, other people's messages (players, assistants and parents) are needed because the coach does not or will not address it.
Well what Brian should have added is that Dorrell doesn't take time to "explain," because he is incapable of it. From what we have seen on the field and off the field during last 4+ years, it doesn't take much to conclude that the UCLA football team is being led by a total moron who is incapable of taking care of details, managing and coaching a good game, and projecting the image (via substance in the area of public relations ala Ben Howland) of a leader in charge.

Dorrell sounds like a moron because based on his actions and record it is hard to conclude he is anything else.