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Your Eyes

As we expected Bruins score a comfortable win over a lower tier Pac-10 team led by one of the worst coaches in the Pac-10. Like I pointed out earlier this week UCLA owns Mikey Riley and can beat this clown even if it was being coached by a caveman.

Speaking of the clown, it was another classic Dorrellian game for our Sleeping Beauty.

Earlier in the week the Sleeping Beauty said:

"[W]e're getting ready to play a great game."
I will let your eyes judge what we saw tonight. Bruins come out coughing up the ball two straight series, settling for FGs, and getting burned time after time with idiotic penalties, turnovers, and coaching mistakes in a "hostile environment" that featured what looked like a half empty stadium that doesn't even hold 50,000.

Bruins can thank a joke team from Corvallis that basically gave us a win in one of the most stunning/embarrassing displays of special teams I have ever seen in my two decades of watching college football.

Bruins blow out the Beavers in a ugly display of college football by a score of 40-14. Our D had a decent game but I am not all that impressed given they were playing a Riley coached football team:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ryan Gardner (via ESPN)

But as poorly as we looked until the Beavers started to implode (again just GIVING the game away) in fourth quarter, we have to give credit to couple of players.

Ben Olson despite being shackled with a shoddy and undisciplined OL and atrocious play calling, comes through with a gut check performance, teaming up with Brandon Breazell who is emerging as one of the clutch receivers in Bruin history. Good for them.

Anyways again like I said the whole week - we own Oregon State.

Yet your eyes, my eyes, all eyes on Bruins Nation know we saw a UCLA football team winning a game despite playing an ugly, undisciplined, poorly coached football game. So before thinking about the big picture just remember you're your eyes saw tonight. Always trust your eyes instead of the garbage you hear from pundits in the MSM. Trust your eyes.

I will let you take it from here in our post game thread.