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Labor Day Bruin News & Notes

Hope all of you are enjoying a beautiful labor day weekend. These weekends are always enjoyable when they follow a satisfying Bruin victory on Saturday. However, before we all get a little to carried away once again it is extremely important to remind ourselves that win came against a pathetic Stanford team. And we can't really take much out of a victory against a team that will most likely finish last in the Pac-10 again.

Now that said I do believe it is worth noting the performance of the offensive line and our running game, given they didn't do much against the same Stanford team last season. From the Daily News:

The Bruins ran the ball straight at Stanford - five consecutive times, in fact, for 30 yards - before No.14 UCLA landed the touchdown on a 15-yard screen, set up by the success of the running game, to receiver Brandon Breazell in Saturday's 45-17 win.

And when UCLA got the ball with 3:37 to play, the Bruins ran it eight times for 65 yards, ending in Christian Ramirez's 24-yard touchdown run. In the fourth quarter, UCLA held the ball for 10 minutes, 12 seconds and ran the ball 19times for 100yards.

"When you don't have to throw the ball down the field, it's real nice," UCLA center Chris Joseph said. "It was great, man. It was like everything was clicking."

UCLA ran for 338 yards, and its 624 yards of total offense was the 11th best in school history.

After watching the game tape, Dorrell said Sunday that the revamped offensive line, which featured Joseph (a former guard), guard Noah Sutherland (a former tackle) and first-time starter Micah Kia at left tackle, performed well.

"I was really encouraged," Dorrell said. "I thought the offensive line, as a group, played really well. We protected (quarterback) Ben (Olson) pretty well. I thought they did a nice job in protection, and we ran the ball pretty well, too."
We will see how they look against a pretty decent BYU defense that shut down the Zona rushing attack on Saturday. We will have more on the Cougers all this week of course.

As for Dorrell as always nothing interesting from him except for stating the obvious:
Karl Dorrell said, "Nothing new jumped out at me on the films, just that it was a good solid first performance. . . . We go into a place and get a road win, [of] which we had [only] one a year ago, and played in a convincing fashion that we were the better team."

Dorrell was pleased with the defensive effort, despite the Bruins' giving up 331 yards passing.

"Defensively we played real well, except for a handful of plays," he said. "There were a couple miscues, a couple times we had trouble getting the guy tackled."
In other words I think he is trying to say that the mistakes our defense made on Saturday are correctable. I'd think if Walker and his staff gets his players to polish up on their techniques (specially in the secondary) they can tighten up the coverage lot more this coming Saturday. I am concerned about the defensive line's seeming inability to generate consistent pressure on Stanford's passing game. One of the preseason concern this year was whether Dragovic would be able to compensate for the departure of Hickman. His coaches and his team-mates and he himself said he is up to task. Well he will need to step up this Saturday to take away the extra attention Bruce Davis will be getting from the other side.

Looking ahead to next week, the traditional media is already at it looking for an easy, obvious, predictable story line of BYU v. Southpaw Jesus:
Ben Olson, how will it feel to play against Brigham Young? That question was inevitable, yet it first landed a week into August training camp. Olson committed to Brigham Young out of high school and spent a long weekend at Provo. But after a two-year Mormon mission, "Go Westwood, young man" was the advice he followed.

Olson was trying to head that off at the pass. When asked about his former school, he said, "I spent a little time there, but it has been such a long time ago, it's just another game."

Olson just flunked Bulletin Board Material 101.
Uh whatever Chris. It's you who failed the real test here by not being able to move beyond that topic when there was nothing there. Olson didn't say anything there that a rational person would consider as a slight to BYU. WTF is Olson supposed to say, "Oh yeah, I am fired up for BYU. I want to show them up for not treating me right at Provo." Of course Ben will never say something along that line and I honestly believe he doesn't feel that way given that was a while ago, and everyone has pretty much moved on. So that was frankly an idiotic take from Foster, which is often par for the course for beat reporters covering UCLA for the LA Times.

Anyways, for their part the Cougars are being classy and reserved about this topic as well. From the Salt Lake Tribune:
Olson threw for 286 yards and five touchdowns Saturday against Stanford. But while Kehl (BYU LB Bryan Kehl, who is Olson's former room-mate. - BN Ed.) was eager to talk about the transfer, BYU quarterback Max Hall took steps to calm the impending storm.
"We are going to be ready for them, but I don't want to make it a Max Hall vs. Ben Olson deal," Hall said.
"That's not what I want to make it. Ben is a great guy. I've met him a couple of times, and he's just a class guy.
"But it is BYU vs. UCLA. We are going to go out there, we are going to prepare hard, and we are going to give them a good game, and hopefully we are going to come out with a win."
And I am sure that is exactly how SPJ is viewing the Saturday game as well. Leave it up to lazy beat reporters desperately looking to write about tired, boring, old, worn out storylines.

Anyways, we will have more on BYU late this week. For now once again enjoy your labor day weekend.