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The Dorrellian MVP: Gerard Lawson

I am sorry guys. I made a huge mistake. You see our weekly BN player of the week poll on the right which allows you to pick basically the MVP of our Saturday’s game? Well I forgot to include the obvious MVP for UCLA from last weekend’s game.

Was it KD’s brilliance or the perseverance of our players that led to the deceptive win from Saturday?


The athlete who was responsible for saving the clueless Thinker was none other than Gerard Lawson of Oregon State Beavers.

Allow me to take you through play by play of Saturday night's fourth quarter:

  • 9:55 left: 4th and 5 at OSU 33: Alexis Serna punt for 51 yards, returned by Ryan Graves for no gain to the UCLA 31 out-of-bounds, Oregon St penalty 15 yard personal foul on Gerard Lawson accepted. Two plays letter Breazell took a slip screen from Olson and took it to the House. Bruins up 19-14.

  • 9:10 left: Jimmy Rotstein kickoff for 47 yards returned by Gerard Lawson for no gain to the OrgSt 21, fumbled at the OrgSt 21, recovered by Matt Slater. Promptly Bruins drive down 21 yards for a TD. Score 26-14.

  • 8:04 left: Jimmy Rotstein kickoff for 53 yards returned by Gerard Lawson for 18 yards to the OrgSt 39, fumbled at the OrgSt 39, recovered by Rodney Van. 4 plays letter Olson strikes BB for a 30 yard score.
Here are the highlights of Saturday's fumbles which also includes a fumble recovery by Bosworth in 3q (which we didn't convert thanks to two sraight penalties leading to an awkward pick of Olson). Anyways here are the graphic reminders of Mr. Lawson's heroics:

NCAA Football Highlights on

I am sorry. So what was that nonsense about Dorrell’s team pulling out a well coached win in a "hostile" environment at Corvallis? If anyone actually watches that game again and see the highlights will know the real story.

Oregon State Beavers, specifically Gerald Lawson gift wrapped this game for Dorrell and his unprepared bunch who didn’t deserve to win on Saturday.

Sure big ups to Olson, Breazell et al for fighting through, but it is foolish to get swept in our 4-1 record, and think that we are some kind of good team that showed a lot of "character" by winning a tough game on the road. That is nonsense.

Gerald Lawson gave us the game. If I was some kind of conspiracy theorist, I’d think Lawson had $omething riding on those play$. However, I will not go there.

I will chalk it up as sheer luck (in three straight unbelievable, bonehead plays) for our Sleeping Beauty. But then again if I were Karl Dorrell, I’d at least make sure to send something special to Mr. Lawson for X-mas for doing his part to preserve the jobs of one of the worst coaches in college football.

Mr. Lawson by all accounts was the unquestionable MVP of Saturday night. And he looked: so Dorrellian.