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Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

I never knew how important the punter was until we played the Beavers.  

Is it just me or did every player on Oregon State have dreadlocks?

That was the ugliest most pathetic game I have ever seen, bar none - and that doesn't include having to look at Oregon State's uniforms all game which I've already blocked from my memory.

When Petros is saying our team reminds him of the last days of the Hackett regime, which he played under, you wonder why we just don't call a timeout and fire KD right there on the spot.  

Petros is basically calling KD out on national television and why is he the only one to point out the truth?  I kind of like the guy now.  

I know now that KD never passed Football 101 either. He was in Football 101 but was sent back to Remedial Football when the teacher confiscated the notebook from his pants and saw the pages were filled top to bottom with the notes from day one: RRP.  

In a game that came down to field position for over three quarters the Beaver's punter/place kicker shanked punt after punt. Yes, other teams will get to face that punter too and he had a ten yarder last week but I doubt he'll muff as many punts in a single game the rest of the year as he did today against us - and we needed every one of them to win.  

Even with the Beaver's terrible QB if they had decent special teams we probably don't win today.  

Today should put to rest the BO/Cowan debate.  If Cowan went 16/28 with 2 TD's and 1 INT people would hail him as a hero.  Cowan is the underdog so every time he does something decent it gets pointed out because it's comes as kind of a surprise.  He's the gutty litte bruin but that's all he'll ever be, which is good if you're a backup. BO comes with all the expectations so every mistake is pointed out instead of the good but that last TD is a throw Cowan could never make.  

People, nimrods actually, also questioned BO's toughness when all he did today was stay in the pocket and step into throws over and over agian where he knew he was going to get creamed and did get creamed.  Yet he still maintained his presence in the pocket and took those hits.

As far as accuracy on the short throws, yes, on some screen passes BO didn't lead receivers enough.  However, he still threw the underneath and short passes quite well overall especially on that middle screen to Breazell for the TD. This is all despite KD's laughing stock WCO that confuses the players into numerous penalties and lets the defense know when to expect pass.  It doesn't take a mathmetician to figure out RRP or P=R squared or for those of you not familiar with Football 101 Run + Run ='s Pass in KD LAND.  Imagine what Ben could do if he actually was allowed to pass when the defense didn't expect it or if he didn't have to play in this supposed WCO.  Maybe what Carson Palmer did once Hackett left.  

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