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'Fakers' At Southern Cal

Before I get into this post, let me get something out of the way. Even though I have already said that I am one of those who do believe Southern Cal has been way over-hyped heading into this season, I believe we can’t take much away from its first game against Idaho. Sure it was a lackluster performance by Pom Pom’s gang of (alleged) criminals. However, it was clear at least to me that those guys just didn’t care about that game. I’d bet those guys were probably more fired up to run around in their scrimmage than to take on Larry Craig’s alma mater.

Anyways, now that is out of the way, I have been reading with interest some of the reactions in Trojan message boards, including Wild West Football Board. I wanted to bring your attention to this post from Java (a huge Trojan honk who has been around for years) who I believe runs that board. Here is Java (emphasis mine):

Circa mid to late 90's. A team that gets actually better talent than it ever has, but does less with it than they used to. Time was, Bobby Bowden, Mickey Andrews, Chuck Amato, Tommy, Terry and the stupid Bowden brother were all on staff together. The stupid Bowden was sort of their version of Kiffen. There were others too. Oh yeah, Mark Richt. They were LOADED not just with talent but with coaching talent.

So anyway, FSU continued to win even after defections took place. They continued to win BIG. Now when Bobby got older and the staff TOTALLY was depleted then they went from an 11-2 or occasional 12-1 team to 11-2 in a good year and 7-5 in a bad one. That's where they are now. I see Carroll and staff as more or less at the beginning of this curve. Their talent accumulation is still unreal. Their staff is pedestrian. I sense many of the coaches are fakers.

So, will PC get credit? I hope so. I hope they do get credit because it would be well deserved. Even moreso than when he actually had help. Sadly, the more Carroll wins this way though, the more it validates his insular approach and the more we might see the last vestiges of competence leave his staff as other programs and NFL teams pick through the USC staff and people natrually take advantage of upward opportunities for themselves.
So again that’s not coming from me. Yes, I have written in the past about how I think Chow’s departure will eventually catch up with Carroll. He lived off the Ball Room Dancer and Mr. Free House’s incredible talents for two years before finally being exposed last season. And now that you look back at the Rose Bowl, that win against Michigan almost means nothing. But still here we have a Trojan honk like Java calling out Pom Pom’s coaches as bunch of "fakers."

FWIW I think Trojans will probably go on to win at least 10 games this coming season. I just don’t think they are going to be in the championship game. And heck that is still a great accomplishment, regardless what you think of Pom Pom’s off-field issues.

But still it is very interesting to see how some of the more seasoned Trojan fans who actually get this game, can see the chinks in their team's armor.