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Well the weekend is here. So time to pick another video to set the stage for tomorrow night.

Our first home game since 13-9.

We have been fed the hype of record setting season ticket sales.

It's Dorrell's 5th season. The 'Show Me' Season. And there are those promises of Pac-10 championships, victories over Southern Cal, ya know "all those things."

So KD might be feeling a little of this:

That's all right though. And there is nothing wrong with Karl Dorrell feeling a little pressure.

BTW if anyone thought that I am setting the bar too high for Karl, then read this from Dohn (emphasis mine):

BYU may have the experience on their side. The media guide says 63 members of the roster went on church missions, meaning the Cougars have more mature men playing for them.
However, UCLA still has more talent, and the home field advantage.
UCLA 31, BYU 17
And no one is going to mistake Dohn for being a Dorrell critic trying to set up unreasonable expectations.

Anyways, we hope that Karl will come though tomorrow with a nice, comfortable win to open the 2007 season at the Rose Bowl. We will not be in the mood to hear any excuses.