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The "Show Me" Season: BYU Open Thread

As mentioned below what an awesome college football Saturday (I am flipping back and forth bw Hurricanes-Sooners and Huskers-Deacs.).

These are the kind of weekends we live for. I imagine lot of you are already parked in front of the big screen at your home, neighborhood bars, or at your tailgate near the Rose Bowl. In matter of hours we get to the second act of 2007: The "Show Me" Season for Karl Dorrell.

Once again the mission is simple. Time for our boys to roll BYU and blow them out of the Rose Bowl (** `SC):

Photo Credit: Big Willie Styles (flickr)

Kickoff is at 3:30 PST (on Versus).

Once again I hear its kind of scorching out there in the Motherland. So even if you are chilling at the golf course, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water (then again we can't help you if have already passed out in the beer bus (cover your eyes and ears BYU fans!).

If you are logging on without any TV coverage, here is the link to click to keep track of the game.

So here we go. I don't have to tell you the drill. This is your Bruin online bar, the place to cheer, despair, rant, mock, shout, and celebrate your Bruin moments with rest of your virtual Bruin family.

Fire away. The thread is all yours.