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We Have Seen This Movie Before

A boring, unimaginative, uninspiring, playing-not-to-lose, pathetic performance.

Around this part of the internets, we have a word for it.


Act II of the "Show Me" season turns out to be another KD special. Bruins pull out a lucky win against another over-matched (but better coached) opponent.

SPJ and his team-mates barely hang on for an underwhelming 27-17 win:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Francis Specker

Here is the boxscore and AP's recap. BYU rolls up 400+ yards on overhyped DeWayne Walker's D, while the Dorrellian O fails to generate 250 yards at home.

We will have so much more on this game in the next 48 hours.

But for now ... feels like nothing has changed in the mediocre world of Dorrellian football.

This is our post (yet another underwhelming) game thread.