Simers Slams Norvell's Offense

Say what you will about T.J. Simers, but I agreed with much of his column this morning in the aftermath of a disheartening, closer than the final score would reflect, escape job against BYU. From Simers:

WHAT a bore.  Shoot, what a disappointment.

UCLA has all these seniors, a highly touted quarterback, a 20-0 lead and the Bruins go on to play as if they're afraid to lose.

The get the kind of offensive play-calling that will get them knocked off in the Pacific 10 Conference later this season, and good for them - they've beaten Stanford and Brigham Young, but if this is how they're going to play it, forget any real lofty goals.

They have a new offensive coordinator in Jay Norvell, who couldn't answer a question after the game until it had been asked twice, which makes you wonder how he ever gets a play into the game....

Here at UCLA he has the former No. 1 recruit in the nation in Olson, but hard to say, though, who did a better job of stopping Olson in the Rose Bowl - Norvell or BYU.

I asked if the play calling was too conservative, and Norvell said, "we had execution issues and production issues," and ordinarily I don't like to pick on college kids, but apparently Norvell doesn't have the same problem - especially if it allows him to shift the blame elsewhere....

The Bruins had this game won, but instead of going for the knockout, they let everyone who was watching know they don't really have a lot of confidence in Olson yet....

To win in the Pac-10, the Bruins are going to score big at times and they're going to have to rely on their play-makers, which means allowing Olson to get the ball to them.  Maybe at some point Karl Dorrell will mention that to Norvell.


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