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Neu Year's Day Open Thread

As I write this post, Michigan and Florida are locked in a tight battle in Lloyd Carr's last game (Wolverines have just gone up 21-14), while UVa is kind of pounding on Texas Tech (hmmm?). You can track the scores via ESPN here.

A little later this afternoon Illinois will make its first appearance in 'the Grand Daddy of Them All' since 1984:

Photo Credit/Source: ESPN

Yeap. Coach Neuheisel knows a little something about Illinois and making a statement on New Year's Day.

If you want to catch up on his statements and his first day as the UCLA head football coach go here, here, and here.

Enjoy the day.

Consider this as a special Neu Year's Day Open thread as we are all fired up for Bruin Football in 2008.

Happy Neu Year BN.