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About That Bush Endowment Plan?

Talk to a delusional TrOJie (ok some of you will call that redundant) about the blockbuster Bush scandal and a predictable response you will get is how they are not really worrying about the mess that has sullied their shady program (that one can argue has shown a pattern of being out of control and consistently in the police blotter).

Well, check out the results of an online poll that is currently running on Scott Wolf's "Inside USC" blog in the Daily News:

Uh hum. Just keep that in mind when you hear a TrOJie spouting off about not being worried about Bush.

And speaking of Bush, here is what Jeff Miller from the OC Register had to say about another high profile TrOJie athlete last week:

Mayo was born nine days after Andrew Bynum, who also plays his home games in this city, only for considerably more money.

This, of course, is assuming Mayo isn't attending USC on the Reggie Bush Endowment Plan, which evidently allows a student-athlete to major in greed, deception and remarkable arrogance.

I believe Miller is one of the OC Register reporters who cover the TrOJans on a regular basis. Coming from him, those comments make it sound like it's only the delusional TrOJies who are left in denial about Bush (and who knows what is going on with their other high profile athletes).

Everything about those clowns ... sounds ... you know, shady. And it's not us making those charges. Looks like it is coming from people like Miller who has been close to them and, if that poll at one of the more highly trafficked TrOJan affiliated site is any indication, it certainly seems like there are lot of folks who are feeling a little nervous. Interesting times as we get ready for JustSC.