What about Reggie Bush's (Allleged) Illegal Contact with Joe Mcknight

This is such freaken BS. On this Lousiana NBC affiliate news piece, Joe Mcknight clearly admitted being called by Cheetey Petey and Bu$h and making his decision to go to USC based on that conversation.

It's not bad enough that Reggie Bush is a scumbag and has put his current program in jeopardy while at USC, now he has resorted to put future classes and athletes in jeopardy. The classless bum lies to Joe McKnight about his NCAA violations, probably at the insistence of Chetey Petey, to get him to come to USC. What more evidence does the NCAA need? Yet the NCAA has the balls to mess with somebody with the character and moral standards of John Wooden? The kid clearly admitted the violation on TV.

I like how the sleezy attorney tries to put a gag order on McKnight after he spills the beans. I'm tired of these freaken TrOJies getting away with this crap. This time they went TOO far by shamelessly putting the Greatest Coach EVER in such a position. You know it was them that called the NCAA. We need to force a new movement here to get the message across to the NCAA and do some reporting of their transgressions ourselves. Can somebody get some information on where we can report $C's violations? CHEAT ON!!!!

Here is the video.

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