"PB" Unleashed

Bumped. Nothing to add from my end. GO BRUINS. -N

Update [2008-1-18 4:42:36 by Grok451]: Added sample 30-second spot ad. See below.

Coach Rick was on the Dan Patrick show again today. Among other things such as the OC search for "a coach like Chow," Coach Rick's opinion on NFL QB's, etc., there was focus on "passion bucket." Listen to the interview on the KLAC podcast, Dan Patrick's site, or directly below. I created a video with a still picture just so I could post it for those of you too impatient to navigate websites :)

"PB" was also written up on this blog I stumbled upon, which blogs about Dan Patrick's show. There was a post following DP's first interview with Coach Rick after he was named head coach and where "PB" was born:

Neuheisel showed a good sense of humor in the interview, joking with DP about touchy subjects like meeting Washington again on the field, and coined the awesome term "The Passion Bucket" to describe his college football program.

So what do you think about "PB?" Is it going to the nation by storm? How about some enterprising soul designing a Passion Bucket T-Shirt? Get the students in Pauley to wear them so "PB" gets exposure during televised games. We can keep focus on football throughout the basketball season as well as get some "PB" mojo for the Ben Ball Warriors through the tournament. If we keep it up, maybe there can be a fan giveaway for the first home football game in the fall: a toy passion bucket filled with passion-fruit candy:

With a little toy shovel, they'd make great noise-makers at the game.

I've even created a quick and dirty 30-second ad spot:

Ok, who's got contacts?

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