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Catch The (Ben Ball) Madness

Let's begin this post with a little shout out to everyone who might be out tonight doing this:

Photo Credit: karthulovesyou's photostream (flickr)

So they can show up tomorrow afternoon to put together this:

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

The best student section in America.

I don't think I am the only member of the Pauley sleep over club (there was no "Bruin Den" and cool t-shirts back in the 90s) who miss those days. But you can always get nostalgic and recount those 'Old School' memories by getting together with other members of this Nation.

If you are not one of those lucky ones with hot tickets for the big show tomorrow afternoon, you can always hit the bars to watch games with other alums and fans around country. Here is a quick list:

  • The Bay Area Bruins are putting together two parties. One is going to be in San Francisco at Kezar Pub & Restaurant, 770 Stanyan St. If you want to join this party please RSVP to Harry Machnov here. The other is going to be at the New Old Pro sports bar at 541 Ramona Ave in Palo Alto.

  • The alums in NYC will be watching at Village Pourhouse at 64 Third Avenue (corner of 11th St and Third Avenue)."

  • Alums in Washington, DC will be watching the game at the Ugly Mug - 723 8th St SE (near the Hill)

  • In Chicago, the Bruins watch their games at Joe's Bar, located at 940 W. Weed St. Here are the details.
Again, those are the get-togethers we know of. For more on alumni club football watching parties visit this site. If you have info on where the alumni group are watching the games in your town, post it here. One note to keep in mind - even though these get togethers are hosted by alums - of course, they are open to every member of Bruins Nation.

And, as always, if there are no parties in your areas, you can always self organize and plant a base at some local bar, café, or at your place! And, if you are planning to put together something big, or Bruin alums in your area are putting together a big event around this game, please share the details with us in this thread and invite everyone to come.